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I used to have this particular locksmith working for my keys and locks at home but since we moved a couple of months ago, I no longer have a reliable locksmith to call every time I need one. So when I finally needed one, good thing a relative of mine which lives close by in our new neighborhood has mentioned to try Immediate Response Locksmith as the company is excellent to doing their job. Well at first, I doubted the company’s brilliancy because I thought no one will ever get better than my previous locksmith service provider. But as soon as the team from Immediate Response Locksmith came to our house, I have eaten my words of displease to them. I really appreciated the fact they are in full uniform and in IDs, not to mention very polite. And to make the story short, they have exceeded my expectations. Donnalyn Lawrence

Hi there guys! I just want to share how good Immediate Response Locksmith is. I will not make this review too long because I know you’ll get bored reading it. Well, I’m a newly married man, just so you know and I got this new house for me and for my wife. This is where we would like to start our family. I have requested Immediate Response Locksmith to have my master keys reproduced so that we have spare ones once a key gets lost unintentionally. Now, I though it will take some to get the job done but I was totally surprised when after 3 days, I’ve got my duplicate keys perfectly done. Still remember my face when you came and handed me the keys guys? It’s priceless, right? That’s totally because you’re so good. Gene Carl G.

Good day everyone. I just wanna say thank you guys for urgently coming to our office building to fix our gentlemen’s bathroom door right away. We know you have come all the way from a distant neighborhood, but you did not think twice about accepting our request and coming to us. Thank you, thank you. I will never get tired of thanking you. I have already recommended you to my relatives and friends. That’s your reward for giving us such a great VIP service at a great price. Belma Moore

I have nothing bad to say to you guys. You’ve got a great job for a great price. Two thumbs up! Right after satisfying me with my new room keys, I have immediately recommended you to my friends and relatives even though they don’t need the service yet.  Abby Sol

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