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Safes are needed for a variety of purposes and all of them are used for protection of valuable items inside it. This is very useful for protection against thefts, floods, fires or any other disasters. There are different types of safes but the two main types are for business and home. Within these two categories there are various other subtypes also depending on the type of protection they provide. This article describes the different types of safes depending upon the uses by the home or business owners.

Business Safes –

One major type of business safe is the one which provides protection from theft. The locks are safer and provide protection against all types of expert burglars. Highly confidential documents and papers for business can be kept in these safes thus freeing businessmen from worries.

The second type of business safe is the one which protects against fire. Highly secure locks are the added protection to it. There are different stages of protection against the fire. This kind of safe provides fire protection for either 30 minutes, 60, 120 minutes or longer. These types of safes are built to protect the valuable documents inside it for a certain period of time as designed.

The third type of business safe is for businessmen who handle larger amounts of cash on a regular basis. These safes are called deposit safes and usually are fixed to the floor. These provide reliable protection and convenient during the business hours. But it is not recommended to keep money on them overnight. The money should be taken to somewhere else after the business day like banks etc. where added security is there. These deposit safes generally do not offer fire security.

Home Safes

There are different types of safes for home purposes.  There are generally three types of home safes similar to business model.

  1. Designed for fire protection
  2. Designed for theft protection
  3. Designed for both- theft and fire protection

The fire protection safes help in saving the family heirlooms, jewelry, invaluable possessions etc against fire disaster. These fire safes keep the belongings inside at a lower temperature for a specified time when there is a fire accident.  Home Safes designed for theft protection have highly secure locks. They challenge even the most expert burglars to break into the safe. The safes designed for both theft and fire protections are designed for both the purposes simultaneously.