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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Why do I need a Locksmith?
People are in urgent need of locksmiths when they are locked out of their property but this is one of the main services of Locksmiths only. There are plenty of other services as well which Locksmiths provide to their customers. These are rekeying, Key cutting, Window and Door locks, Security safe services, auto locksmith and any services related to your lock and key system.
When should I rekey my home or office?
Rekeying is the process of replacing pins in the existing locks so that the old keys no longer work and the new keys have to be created to make it work. When you buy a new home or someone stole your keys and you are unsure if any one made duplicate keys, then you need rekeying of your home or office. Rekeying is needed when you feel uncomfortable about the security of your property.
Do I need a professional Locksmith service?
Security Issues must be handled very carefully and skilled professional locksmiths put their experience and knowledge in lock and safe related problems. The professional Locksmith services deploy the best and standard products that work and the lock solutions are more effective and fast as compared to unskilled locksmiths.
What is a master key?
In the master key system the master keyed locks can be operated by its own key along with the master key. The master key operates all the locks which are master keyed. The locks in this case should be made from the same manufacturer or should have the common keyways.
Hey, I lost my key. What should I do now?
In this case you have to immediately call a professional locksmith. Locksmiths are able to generate new keys from most of the locks of any type. This includes automobile locks as well as home locks. You can also consider rekeying if you think that someone has stolen your keys.
What is Emergency Locksmith Service?
If you are locked out in any unsociable hours or your keys are lost and you need new keys in out of service hours, then Emergency locksmith Services are needed by you. The emergency services are available 24X7 a week by the professional Locksmiths but at a slight higher cost.
I have to wiggle my keys in the lock to make it operable. Do they need a repair?
With time the pins in the lock cylinders wear down and this causes the keys to stick. Therefore you have to wiggle or jiggle the keys to make them work. This also happens if you are using the copied keys and along with pin wear it results in bigger problems in operation. Yes, in this case you need a help from the professional locksmith services to fix the problem.
How long you have been in this business?
Immediate response Locksmith has been into the Locksmith business for over 10 years. We are a licensed company and serving the entire greater San Antonio area professionally with a 24X7 quality customer service.
Do you have any locksmith service for vehicles that use transponder keys?
Yes, we have all the necessary equipments and experts for providing locksmith service on vehicles using transponder keys which are also known as chip keys. Most of the new cars now use these transponder keys to prevent thefts. Many car owners feel that they should go to the dealer but no need for it. We at Immediate Response Locksmith can provide such service at much lower costs than your dealership.

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