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Security on different locations is of vital importance and proper measures have to be taken in order to keep the locations and information safe. Organizations and individuals need to keep their belongings and information safe from thefts and frauds. Locksmith san antonio and key system may have the hassles of lost keys and replacement issues. Therefore access cards are gaining popularity and are becoming common solutions to keep the unauthorized individuals away from particular locations and from sensitive information. Here in this article we will understand how card access technology works?

What is a card access technology?

Card access technology allows door entry and exit to authorized individuals only. Without the authorization no one is allowed to enter the door. The card access technology can be applied to small system like one door card access and can be expanded to access hundreds of doors with the potential of controlling multiple locations. There is full provision to control the access by the users. For example one user can get access throughout the day to all the locations whereas the other user can have access to particular locations only and that also during particular hours of the day. There is provision for high security also if required.

How card access technology works?

Here are the steps to understand how card access technology works?

  • When card is presented to the card reader, it sends information to the control panel
  • The installed software for card access system reads and compares the information with a control list and then requests for an event log.
  • If the information matches and access is granted, the door is unlocked for the person presenting the access card. The access is recorded also in the software.
  • If access is denied then the door remains locked while the attempt is recorded.
  • The card access technology gives the facility to build maps and reports which can be generated to track the employee’s attendance and all the movements in the premises. The unauthorized access can also be recorded with the actual time of the event. This is very important to add a layer of safety from unauthorized access and frauds.

These are the simple steps to understand how card access technology works. Card access technology is a modern technique for safety and it eliminates the drawbacks of the old lock and key system for safety.