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All the locksmith experts at Locksmith San Antonio have specialized knowledge of master rekeying San Antonio and they well know how to install and maintain master key system. The master key system is highly complex to install but we at Immediate Response Locksmith Company have all the ability and specialization for master re-keying in your house or office.

What is master re-keying?

A master system is the system of locks where a single key can open a particular set of locks or all the locks. The process of making such system in apartments, buildings or other properties is called master re-keying. For example- The superintendent of an apartment has only one key to open all the door locks of all areas and units in the apartment. That key which opens all the locks is called a master key.

What are the advantages of master key system?

  • In case of an emergency, the management of a building can quickly enter all the units.
  • All the common areas of an apartment/building can be easily accessed by the managers and tenants using one key only
  • It really eliminates the use of a big ring of keys to access all the parts of a property.
  • The master key system is not only for commercial spaces but is also good for a home owner who wants to enjoy one key system for his house.
  • Security of one key or a few can be taken properly instead of a big rink of keys
  • Ease of use for accessing a property

Master re-keying services by Immediate Response Locksmith

Locksmith San Antonio has trained and expert technicians available for mater key system. From master re-keying to handling of emergency services for your master system we can handle everything in the best possible way. Our master rekeying San Antonio services is available all over the San Antonio area. From wherever you call in San Antonio, our mobile locksmiths will reach your place in minimum possible time and will solve your all the issues related to master key system.