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Security is the top priority for us when we select door locks for our homes, offices or vehicles. Choosing a lock of good quality is desired by everyone so that there is no scope for burglary and there is no break-in. Here we will provide reliable information on what locks are best for your home.

ANSI Grade system for Locks-

ANSI stands for American Grade System for Locks and has established a three grade system for the quality and durability of the locks. Every lock under ANSI system has to pass through security and operational tests, weight test, cycles and door strikes. One complete cycle consists of knob or Handle to be turned completely to draw back the latch bolt and open the door and then released to allow the door to re-latch.

Grade-1 is the best choice and here are the locks defined by ANSI grades


Highest grade locks

This grade of locks meets the commercial locksmith san antonio building requirements and is also available for residential needs. Here are the requirements under this grade:

  • Knobs need to withstand 800,000 cycles, 6 door strikes and 360 pound weight test
  • Deadbolts- 25000 cycles and 10 door strikes (called hammer test)


Better grade locks

These locks meet the light commercial needs and just exceed standard residential security needs.

  • Knobs should withstand 400,000 cycles, 4 door strikes, 250 pound weight test
  • Deadbolts- 150000 cycles, 5 door strikes which is hammer test


Good for residential needs –

These types of locks meet the minimum required residential security and are good for residential needs.

  • Knobs can withstand 200, 000 cycles, 2 door strikes, 150 pound weight test.
  • Deadbolts- 100,000 cycles and 2 door strikes (hammer test)

So if you are searching for what locks are best for your home, then read the information for the ANSI grade standards mentioned above. Depending on what type of requirement you have, residential or commercial, you can choose the grade which you want. But one thing should always be kept in mind. Don’t forget to lock your door whenever you step out or inside also. If you forget to lock your door, it is worthless to have the best lock security installed in it.